Woman furious after inlaws eat her wedding cake while she was on her honeymoon

A woman said that she was furious after her new inlaws ate her remaining wedding cake while the happy couple were away on their honeymoon, leaving none for them

A woman was left fuming after her new inlaws ate her wedding cake while the happy couple were away on their honeymoon.

Sharing her story anonymously, the woman said she went on an emotional rollercoaster because initially, she was over the moon as she had married the man of her dreams.

But soon elation turned to anger as while away on their short honeymoon, her new husband’s parents had eaten all of the remaining wedding cake – leaving none for them to hold onto as a keepsake.

The woman said she was furious and couldn’t understand how her new inlaws were so insensitive and turned to the internet for advice.

Taking to Reddit, the woman said: “My husband and I decided to serve plenty of cupcakes for the guests at our wedding while saving our small cake for just pictures and to ultimately freeze for our one year anniversary.

“We are on a tight budget so our honeymoon was just four days long, and my in-laws asked to stay in our house for an extra two days after the wedding while we were gone – this was simply done so they could get cheaper flights and not spend money on a hotel.

“When my husband and I got back from our honeymoon, our cake was gone.

“The cake wasn’t necessarily crazy expensive, however, we had clearly mentioned we wanted to save it.

“When confronted, my in-laws said that saving a wedding cake for a year is disgusting and they did us a favour. We can easily buy another cake, but I’m mostly upset that this ruined a tradition we wanted to do.”

After the story was shared online, other Reddit users were quick to share their opinion – saying the woman was right to be annoyed.

One said: “How hard up for cake do you have to be to do this? Maybe you and your hubby start a new tradition where you buy yourself a fancy cake and mark the day of the cake eating.”

And another wrote: “You did them a favour letting them stay in your house while you were on your honeymoon and they arrogantly ate something you were saving and then blew you off, claiming they were ‘doing you a favour’.

“Keep this in mind – this is how your in-laws operate.”

While another added: “Have your husband tell his parents that until they go to the exact bakery that made their wedding cake and pay for them to make an exact replica of your wedding cake that they ate they are not welcome in your home or your lives

“That they crossed a boundary and it’s their responsibility to fix it, and until they do, actions have consequences.”