Woman plays car prank on boyfriend to test how ‘stupid’ he thinks she is

A woman took to TikTok to share her boyfriend’s hilarious reaction to her telling him she’d booked her car in for a service when she didn’t need to – and users thought it was great

A woman was left in hysterics after she successfully managed to convince her boyfriend she’d paid £340 for mechanics to fill her windscreen wipers with water.

Prankster Shannan Robertson had seen the prank on TikTok and thought it would be funny to try it on her boyfriend.

She shared the hilarious text exchange on the app, under the username @shannan.78, where she said: “Just booked my car in for a service.

“Ran out of water in the windshield wipers.”

“You don’t need a service to fill it up,” he told her.

But when she told him she’d transferred £340 for a mechanic to do the job, he was devastated.

She said: “£340 ffs. Must be some special water or something Jesus,” to which he replied: “Noooooo. I swear to God. You better not have paid already.”

“I’ll fill it up,” he offered.

Feigning confused she said: “[What do you mean]? That’s what they told me on the phone.”

“Please don’t tell me you have,” he continued.

“I’ve already transferred it, why?” she texted back, explaining that the man at the garage told her he’d need to do a service and “change the tank bit for a bit where he’ll fill it up.”

“Listen. Ask for it back and say you don’t need it doing as you had it done recently,” he suggested.

But she said it was non-refundable.

Furious that she’d been conned, he told her he’d go down to the garage himself and assured her he’d get her money back – just as she told him it was a joke.

“Babe I’m joking,” she said.

“Do you honestly think I’d be that stupid?” to which he replied saying: “Yes.”

Since being posted, the video has racked up more than 60,000 likes and hundreds of comments from people who loved the prank.

One person said: “I could feel the stress in his texts lmao.”

Another wrote: “CEO of ‘listen.”

A third laughed: “The ‘yes’ at the end.”

“Hahahahahahaha omg I love this,” added someone else.

Others praised her boyfriend for how he reacted as one person wrote: “I love that he isn’t condescending to you when you say you paid that for the service and instead tried to help.”